Our goals determined in our Internationalization strategy, prepared to our Mobility Charter application, include: work-integrated learning, enhancing the commitment of students towards their vocation, improvement of foreign language skills, especially of students involved in VET; getting to know modern technologies, talent, community and personal development, raising awareness of European citizenship, provision of flexible and transparent VET training, popularization of Vocational Education and increasing the employment chances of our VET trainees.
Our Erasmus project with reference number: 2019-1-HU01-KA116-060362 was intended to support the achievement of the above mentioned goals. Within its framework, we completed the mobility of 30 trainees in 6 countries of the EU, namely in Malta, Germany, Austria, Romania, Spain and Portugal in the 2019-20 school year.
As an innovation, this year we provided 3-month long Erasmus Pro long-term mobilities for 10 % of our Erasmus beneficiaries (3 students) including a student studying tourism, a waitress and a pastry chef. The two latter ones were recent graduates.
In accordance with our quality principles, one of our colleagues took part in a short Erasmus Pro Advance Visit in Malta, where she visited the workplaces and discussed the learning objectives of the mobilities with the partners.

14 out of the 30 beneficiaries were pastry chefs, who could get to know the different sweets, pastries, cakes made in Spain, Portugal, Transylvania (Romania) or Germany. Our pastry chef trainees made and introduced the famous Eszterházy cake proudly to the locals in Lleida (Spain).

Within the Erasmus programme, 5 server trainees could try themselves abroad; one of them was on a three-month long mobility in Malta and the others spent a month in Transylvania, in Braga in Portugal and near the German city of Hameln.
4 chef trainees had the chance to get to know the European gastronomy: 1 near Hameln, 1 in Malta and 2 in the five-star Klosterbrau Hotel in the Austrian ski resort of Seefeld.
We have been providing tourism training at our institution again for three years; in the third year of this training, students get a hotel receptionist qualification, moreover in the 5th year they can acquire the Travel services qualification enabling trainees to organize and sell services related to tourism. In the latter case the precondition of the final exam is the B2 level language exam. To enable our students to meet this criterion, so that they could pass the exam successfully, we have provided the opportunity to 7 tourism trainees to try themselves as hotel receptionists abroad. 5 of them tried their luck in Malta, one in Spain and one in Portugal.

Increasing the commitment of the staff as well as providing up-to-date vocational knowledge at EU level are also included in our international strategic plan.
It is the interest of the institution to apply vocationally committed VET trainers having EU-level vocational knowledge and language skills and to retain them on long-term. To enhance their motivation, their vocational skills and commitment we have sent two vocational trainers on staff training. Our chef trainer, Mr. Ádám Pető visited our partner school: Elisabeth-Selbert Schule in Hameln (Germany). Our pastry chef trainer: Ms. Anna Kispéter took part in a month long job-shadowing activity at Manouche Craft Bakery and Bistro in Malta, where she observed and also tried the ongoing activities. These programmes were also closely related to their Professional Development Plans.


The mobility of the 30 trainees mentioned above was completed in 9 parts; with the assistance of 5 accompanying teachers. During the one week our teachers spent abroad, they got acquainted with the work of the hosting partner institutions or schools, got to know the VET system of the given country, observed lessons. The two teachers taking part in the staff training activity also travelled together with the students, thus they also had an accompanying role.
We had been continuously sharing information about the mobilities on the official Facebook page of our institution, and we joined the European Events of the Erasmusdays for the second time in 2019, where the beneficiaries shared their experiences gained abroad with their younger schoolmates interested in taking part in mobilities.
As a result of the project, we have expanded our collection of recipes in the Recipe bank on the website of the school with 22 new recipes. Our colleagues have been building their new experiences, recipes and their new perspective on VET into the curricula.
Our students had also become a lot more motivated and a lot of them also took part in the National Skills Competition with outstanding results. The most significant change can be seen in their soft skills, they have become much more confident, their problem solving skills have developed, learned to work in a multicultural environment and team, they established friendships and effective working relationships.
The language skills of the trainees have also improved, especially in the case of the beneficiaries having spent their mobilities in Malta; they have become more confident language users. Most of the trainees have also received Reference letters, which they showed us proudly following their return from the mobilities. We have issued tailored Europass mobility certificates for each beneficiary, which might support their better employability in the European labour market.

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